Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Black Wednesday

Well today must be one of the worst days I've had for friends I know. A close friend of mine (will remain nameless) recently had her partner commited suicide last Saturday. There is not much one can say to friend in such times. My thoughts are with her during this mourning period.

I went to Ceroc tonight and at the end of the class another friend I know dislocated her knee. Screaming so loud I could feel her pain go through my body. She later was taken to the hospital.

My thoughts and best wishes go out to both my friends.

On a brighter note I'm going to become a Ceroc taxi dancer.

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Trees said...

Hey Rossy - sorry I wasn't around to talk to you yesterday when all this stuff happened:( Haven't been in contact as I have caught some sort of bug so laying low - but thinking of you lots and if you wanna chat you know where we are.