Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tess & Rich's flat warming

On Friday night I went to the other Ceroc franchise in Wellington. It was reminded me from my old Ceroc teacher Singa in Orwea. They really had that community feeling which both central Auckland & Wellington classes lack.

Went over to Tess and Rich's flat warming on Saturday night. Was running late since the pizza (dinner) too ages to order. Not sure what was up with Hells online ordering system but had to go back to old fashiong phone ordering. I got there in the end only 30 mins late. I was so surprised to see their friends got them a microwave but also really happy for them. Now when I go over for dinner I take microwave food. There are some pic's of the night at

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Trees said...

Linking my blog to your blog eh Ross? Did you asked for blog authority to do this?? Well did you?? Eh??

Joking! Glad you had a fun time at the party - was it ever packed in that wee flat though...phew!