Sunday, February 10, 2008

New things are happening!

Well after about 6 months or so off the blog I'm back and hopefully will be back for a bit longer! I went about trying to set up my site with my new domain but screwed it up... I'll sort it out next week but at the moment I've got

So what is the big thing happening at the mo for me? Well I'm going contracting! So I'm looking forward to do more things which interested me and I hope to blog about it. Hence getting the domain set up ;-)

I'm having a go at creating an Eclipse plug-in but early days at the moment.

Oh you might be asking why I'm going with blogging instead of the huge social network app Facebook. Well for me Facebook = Spam just not of the email kind but spam nonetheless. I'll still be using it to keep in contact with some peeps but not much else.

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