Monday, March 17, 2008

MacBook Pro is here

Well finally my MacBook Pro is here with all it's cool mouse gestures and sweet features.  Main issue in my mind is that Vista is worst than XP and I've only heard good things about Mac OS X.  Well had my first issue today with my USB stick... had some strange error when playing some files and had to restart the computer.  I guess even an Apple needs a restart once and again.

I've started to use the accounting package Xero and I must admit it is pretty straight forward even for someone who doesn't know much accounting.  Also looks a lot better than it's competitors. 

Well one thing that scares me a bit is the number XBox 360's I've heard failing with the red ring of death.  I know of three people this has happened to and I in my opinion seriously sucks.  I hope Microsoft pick up the pace with the hardware and not selling hardware that barely lasts a year.

Well time is getting on and I'm busy as a bee at the moment with work but I need to hit the sack. 

Yeah for Easter!

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