Sunday, September 7, 2008

Installing ColdFusion on OSX -

Well must admit I installing ColdFusion has always been pretty simple but this time when I was installing it on my MacBook Pro I found I could not set up the web connectors. It just wouldn't let me choose the directory which Apache was in and this was simply strange and annoying. It worked fine when I installed it using ColdFusion's own web server. I then tried hopelessly to configure from that point but again no luck. By this point I gave up and went back to my virtual machine of Vista running IIS/ColdFusion. I must admit VMware Fusion is really sweet product though I wanted to run Apache/ColdFusion in OSX not on a VM which is really a pain in the neck to use since you have start it etc. I'll blog later on VMware's Fusion and how much I like it :-)

So I ended up around at a mates place trying to learn more about Apache and tried again installing ColdFusion. What I found in this attempt is that I'm running a 64bit Intel Duo 2 processor and the Apache installation was also 64bit. I was like... Yeah!! ...but also thinking who forgot to tell me my MacBook Pro has a 64bit processor? I had previously tried to figure out if my processor was 32/64bit but OSX doesn't give any details away so I had assumed it was 32bit.

After this moment of bliss between my MacBook Pro and I, I downloaded the 64bit installer of ColdFusion and all went well! This is a long story for a simple installation issue. Saying this there are no obvious messages from the ColdFusion installer (or others I might add) to say you're using a 32bit installer when you should or consider the 64bit installer.

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