Sunday, November 30, 2008

After thoughts on MAX

Well I'm back home after my whirlwind tour to MAX San Francisco. Overall I really enjoyed MAX a lot. It was great meeting other developers, managers, CEO's, Adobe staff, and talking about projects they are working on. There are some really interesting problems out there being solved. The only thing which I was let down with is difficulty level in some of the sessions I attended. I was expect "Advanced" to be advance instead I found it more at the beginner to intermediate level. I spoke with Adobe user group people and they suggested I should go use the community groups like 360|Flex for real advance session. Though I was speaking with Michael Labriola and he had some wise words on this matter to deep dive into the Flex framework to really understand it. So in the future I'll be making some posts on my deep dive into Flex.

I had an amazing time at MAX and was well worth my effort.

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