Monday, November 3, 2008

New Flex 3 certification

Well looks like the Adobe certification people have come out with a Flex 3 with AIR certification which is the successor to Flex 2 exam. Interesting to see that they have coupled it will AIR so for those looking for an AIR certification will have to wait. I don't know of many HTML/Javascript developers working in the AIR space but it would nice to have something for them. But saying this Flex 3 and AIR 1.0 are closely tied products both having the same release date earlier this year. It will be interesting to see if Flex 4/Gumbo and AIR 2.o futures will continue to be close.

The big difference I noticed in the exam outline was that AIR has pushed back on most on the data services questions which is down to 16% from 25%. From the scores I have heard about data services usually ranked the lowest average out of the 4 sections in the Flex 2 exams. I imagine this change will now increase scores in the Flex 3 with AIR exam.

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