Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yip I'm off to Webstock

Well I was thinking this year it was about time I attended a local web conference. I've been to webDU and MAX but never the local one... and it doesn't get much more local than being in your home town. The conference has a range of presenters (local and international) coming from various backgrounds. It will be really interesting to hear what some of these people have to say. Sometimes you can get a bit close minded about things (methodologies, technologies, & products) and this type of conference sheds light on what other people are doing. There is so much happening in the Adobe space one could happily ignore the others.

For more information about webstock 2009.

Oh I see there is a card trading game ...I wonder if Agent K is on the case.

Update: I'm just attending the conference (February 19-20) and not any of workshops.

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Anonymous said...

Which sessions are you going to attend?