Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dusting off the cob webs from my blog

Well for the last six months I've been really busy working on a Flex app which really took over my life. Not something I want to do again any time soon. Though the project was really cool, you got to have some work life balance... OK enough about me and more about tech stuff :-)

I'm presenting Back to the Files (Flash & Files) at the Flash Platform Code Camp next month. Which will be a nice overview of what you can do with files now. There is so much you can do now with them :-) Should be a good event with great presenters from throughout New Zealand and even one from Australia. Unfortunately the even has sold out so if you have missed out you can put your name done on the waiting list.

I have a couple of half posts which I need to complete and hopefully you will see them over the next month or so.

Oh and before I go I'm off MAX 09 in LA. Looking forward to the event and catching up with peeps.

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