Friday, October 7, 2011

Reflections on MAX 2011

Well I just got back from MAX and I would have to say it was probably my worst experience. Not because of the event in anyway but I got really sick with a virus/flu/MAX killer bug at 4am on Monday/day 1 of MAX. So I missed the entire day and only pulled myself together on day 2 to get to see the keynote and stick around for the famous "sneaks". I was about all out of energy once the sneaks had ended and bitterly disapointed I was going to miss the MAX bash. It looked really fantastic when the bus took me back to my hotel to rest and recover. So come day 3 I had to pull out as I was travelling home the next day back to New Zealand which is about 14 hours of flying. So in reflection it was my worst MAX but that was to do with me than the conference. I can't say it enougth that it sucked I was sick at MAX. When I had moments of feeling well I popped online to see what was up and caught up on day 1 keynote. I have to give Adobe kudos for getting these resources up so quickly.

I read a blog post which I think best reflects my opinion of the event in general.

The only additional thing I'd like to say about the event is where was Adobe's CEO Shantanu Narayen? Of the past three MAX's he started the day 1 keynote. So why was he missing? The first MAX I attending was in 2008 I was like who is this Shantanu guy as he was not a familiar face to me but I got used to seeing him at the start of each keynote on day 1. Bit of a mystery to me.

The one thing on my MAX wish list was to see a new developer focused tool towards HTML/JavaScript development. Yes Dreamweaver can do it but it's audience is not focused towards developers. I want an awesome HTML/JS eclipse plugin similar to what Flash Builder is for Flex/ActionScript. Well we can all dream.

All that said I'm looking forward next year and the innovations ahead.

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