Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Cairngorm framework ~ Adobe what is it's future?

Sort of an open question to Adobe on what is the future of Cairngorm? I must admit the community is fractured on it's use. You have the die harders on either side of the argument but why is there such a divide? Well I'm not going to try and answer that question ~ other than saying one solution does not fit all solutions.

What I'd like to know is why Adobe still has Cairngorm on labs. When talking with Adobe it appears it is on labs but they don't support or recommend it (no official line I might add). Though with it being on labs it gives the impression they support and recommend it's use. Some clients do have this view and also some developers. So what is the story Adobe? Maybe they could move it into the community as an open source project on SourceForge? There hasn't been an update for Cairngorm since October 2007.

A follow up questions to Adobe is there another MVC framework in the works? Or is this a path Adobe took but really they didn't want to get involved in MVC frameworks and imposing this upon the community?

What ever the future holds for Cairngorm it is uncertain at this point.

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