Thursday, July 3, 2008

Developing Secure AIR Applications

It would have been great to go to the onAir tour around Europe but can't go to all Adobe events. Though it is great to see that some of the events where recorded and are now available to everyone who couldn't attend. Go on ya Adobe for sharing this content because it is very useful!

I recently watched Ethan Malasky presentation on Developing Secure AIR Applications which goes over the security issues well, particular the issues around code injection attacks. Often security is an after thought but this gives you clarity on how this relates in an AIR environment. AIR gives the developer a lot of power and with that power comes responsibility. If you spend 30 mins watching this presentation you will come out with understanding of what you need to watch out for when developing your AIR application.

Also it was interesting to hear that Adobe are looking at code signing so that you be assured that the foreign you are running is actually that code and is not compromised.

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