Friday, July 11, 2008

Apple Convert?

Well I've had a bad week when it comes to hardware. Earlier this week I came home to find my power supply for MacBook Pro not working. I was a bit shocked by this since I knew I had about 1 hours worth of power left and what would I do with this time? I felt the power supply and it was hot enough to cook an egg. I knew then that it was likely a power spike or a fault of some kind had killed it. I knew I was under warranty but as a contract developer you don't really have time to wait 2-4 days for a replacement to turn up. So I headed off to the local Apple store to pick a new one up. The good people at Apple will be sending a me replacement power supply as well. So I'll have two power supplies - which I think will be handy as I'll have one for the road and one for my desk. Though this is not the first time my MacBook Pro has faulted for me but surprisingly I keep coming back to it... not sure what Steve Jobs puts in these machines but they seem to have an addictive goodness to them.

I was checking out the new iPhone when my current phone appeared to be dying on me. Fortunately this was not the case and some of the contacts were corroided causing it to think a handsfree accessory was attached. With a little effort I clean the contacts and my phone was back to normal... though the thought of a new iPhone was very appealing. At the moment it is still up in the air when I'll get one and currently out of stock in New Zealand. So a little more time to think about the iPhone and hear about any issues arising from it.

So why do I feel like an Apple Convert? Well I do think they put that extra effort to pushing boundaries and mixing that with a polished product. If you compare my MacBook Pro with a Dell XPS M1530 Laptop you start to see that the Dell does out perform the MacBook Pro in some areas but Dell like most PC's just look at raw power in certain aspects - giving you functionality but not usability. As a user I do care about usability. A feature I love about my MacBook Pro is the back light keyboard and how simple it is to adjust the lighting and if you don't set it, it can do it by itself as well. This is what I want a computer that can do simple things itself with no major effort on my part. Apple just mix functionality and usability so well together it makes such a mouth watering dinner. You just keep coming back for more.

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